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Today’s Motto: ‘If you fuel your journey on the opinions of others, you are going to run out of gas’.

As each day makes a new beginning in life, it brings new opportunities, opens new avenues, to perform and make a mark, to write a Page in History Book!

This is Your Day-TODAY: Take a Determined Step Forward and Make History!

On this day, July 10……..

1212 – The most severe of several early fires of London burns most of the city to the ground.

1800 – The British Indian Government establishes the Fort William College to promote Urdu, Hindi and other vernaculars of sub-continent.

1806 – The Vellore Mutiny is the first instance of a mutiny by Indian Sepoys against the British East India Company. (The revolt was brief, lasting only one full day, but brutal as mutineers seized the Vellore Fort and killed or wounded 200 British troops. The mutiny was subdued by cavalry and artillery from Arcot. Summary executions of about 100 mutineers took place during the suppression of the outbreak, followed by the formal court martial of smaller numbers —pic credit-Sahapedia).

1866 – The first U.S. patent for an indelible pencil was issued to Edson P Clark as a “Producing Indelible Writing on Linen and other Fabrics”.

1892 – The first concrete-paved street was built – Court Avenue, around the Logan County Court House, in Bellefountaine, Ohio. (In the 19th century, concrete was called “artificial stone.” George Bartholemew convinced the Bellefontaine City Council to try it in 1891. The bond he posted guaranteed the pavement would last at least five years. Over 100 years later, a portion remains, but open only to light traffic to preserve it. The remainder had been replaced by more modern paving materials).

1925 – The “Scopes monkey trial” began in Dayton, Tennessee, US and ran for 12 days. A local school teacher, John Scopes, was prosecuted under the state’s Butler Act, but was supported by the American Civil Liberties Union. This law, passed a few months earlier (21 Mar 1925) prohibited the teaching of evolution in public schools. He was convicted and fined $100. (On appeal, the state supreme court upheld the constitutionality of the law but acquitted Scopes on the technicality that he had been fined excessively. The law was repealed on 17 May 1967).

1925 – Meher Baba  (born as  Merwan Sheriar Irani, in Poona, 1894-1969) begins his silence of 44 years. His followers still observe Silence Day by maintaining verbal silence for twenty-four hours on this date in commemoration. (From July 10, 1925 until his death in 1969, Meher Baba was silent. He communicated first by using an alphabet board, and later by hand gestures which were interpreted and spoken out by one of his devoted disciples, usually by his disciple Eruch Jessawala. For many years, Baba asked his followers to undertake various austerities on this date. In addition to keeping silence, Baba sometimes asked his followers to fast, to pray, to repeat the names of God, and similar practices. In his last request to his followers on the subject, in 1968, he asked only that they observe silence).

1933 – The first police radio system began operating in Eastchester Township, NY.

1947 – Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah is recommended as the first Governor General of Pakistan by then Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Clement Attlee.

1958 – The first parking meters were installed in England.

1962 – A U.S. patent was issued to Swedish engineer, Nils Bohlen, for the three-point seat- belt. His lap and shoulder design is now familiar as the passenger-restraint safety device in cars that has saved countless lives. (His design replaced the earlier style of a single safety belts strapped across the body, with the buckle placed over the abdomen, which often caused severe internal injuries in high-speed crashes).

1972 – Herd of stampeding elephants kills 24, Chandka Forest India.

1977 – The Indian Planning Commission decides to introduce Rolling Plan concept.

2015 – 23 people are killed & 50 are injured in a stampede at a free clothing drive in Mymensingh, Bangladesh.

2019 – Earliest evidence of modern humans outside Africa found with 210,000 year-old skull from Apidima Cave, southern Greece published in “Nature”.

1949 – Sunil Gavaskar, cricketer (opener, 10122 Test runs). He has received Arjun Award (1975) and Padma Bhushan (1980).

1956 – Alok Nath, Bollywood actor(image credit-StarsUnfolded)


1927 – Ganga Ram, great social reformer, philanthropist, engineer and educationist of United India, pre-independence, and founder of Ganga Ram Hospital in New Delhi.

1994 – Ramrao Raghoba Rane, Paramveer Chakra awardee. (PVC was awarded to 2/Lt Rane, an Engineers officer in 1948 during advance of Indian troops to Rajouri).

1923 – 2-pound hailstones kill 23 & many cattle in Rostov, Russia.

You may have known….Ducks like to surf. They have been observed riding tides and swimming back to ride them again.


{Compiled by Lt. Gen. (R) Raj Kadyan}


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