Germany extends UK travel ban

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Germany on Tuesday extended its travel ban from Britain until January 6 amid concern over a highly infectious new COVID-19 variant, despite a European Commission recommendation earlier for member states to lift the ban.
An updated travel advisory released Tuesday issued a transport ban starting December 22 until January 6 for travellers from Britain to Germany, but it noted that “a German citizen who wants to enter Germany at the border will not be refused.”
From January 1, 2021, people with residence and right of residence in Germany can be transported again, the advisory said. “The federal government must approve the flights individually.”
Germany is among a growing list of European Union nations that have recently barred or been considering banning travel from Britain over concerns about a new strain of coronavirus sweeping across southern England.
Earlier on Tuesday, the European Commission advised that non-essential travel to and from Britain should be discouraged but said that people heading home should be allowed to do so, provided they undergo a COVID-19 test or necessary quarantine.

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