US embassy in Iraq reports minor damage by rocket strike, no casualties

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Baghdad [Iraq], December 21  The US embassy in Baghdad said on Sunday the new rocket attack on the Iraqi capital’s Green Zone, which hosts diplomatic missions and government buildings, had inflicted some minor damage to its premises, not resulting in any casualties.
Earlier in the day, Iraqi television channel Alsumaria reported, citing security sources, that three rockets were fired at Baghdad’s Green Zone. As reported by Sky News Arabia, the US embassy’s air defense systems have responded to the attack.
“The US Embassy confirms rockets targeting the International Zone resulted in the engagement of Embassy defensive systems. There was some minor damage on the Embassy compound but no injuries or casualties. We have received reports of damage to residential areas near the US Embassy and possibly some injuries to innocent Iraqi civilians,” the embassy wrote on Twitter.
The US diplomatic mission urged the Iraqi government to “take steps to prevent such attacks and hold accountable those responsible,” stressing that the attacks on foreign diplomatic premises violate international law and undermine the sovereignty of the host state.
The Iraqi security service said the rockets had hit one of Baghdad’s residential districts, damaging several buildings and vehicles, but not resulting in any casualties. The site from where the rockets were fired has already been determined, according to the press release.
This is not the first time the Green Zone, and the US embassy, in particular, get fired at. In September, The Wall Street Journal reported, citing sources in the Trump Administration, that Washington had warned Iraq it would close the embassy if attacks persist.
Rockets are also being frequently fired at Baghdad’s international airport, with an adjacent military airfield, as well as foreign military bases across Iraq. Such assaults rarely result in casualties or any significant material damage.

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