Everything you need to know about cracking NEET

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Y K Jayaramappa, CEO, BASE Educational Services shares a few tips on preparing for the now mandatory NEET 2017.

As you have set your sights on clearing NEET 2017, do not waste an iota of the remaining time you have for preparation towards the examination. Having set your goals, now is the time to toil hard to reach your destination.

Here are a few tips to handle NEET 2017:

Both first and second-year portions of Plus Two are important and carry equal weightage in the examination. Plan the time available to allow coverage of topics of both years in Physics, Chemistry, Botany and Zoology. While NEET 2017 is based on the NCERT syllabus for classes XI and XII, it is vital to prepare to a slightly higher level in each topic.

Prepare a study plan and stick to it diligently in order to be thorough in your preparation. Solid preparation in all subjects will lead to success in the examination. Proper planning will help in covering the complete syllabus in the available time. Selective study will not help and it is safer to cover all the portions.

Perseverance in preparation is also of prime importance. It is grossly insufficient to work hard for a few days and then switch over to a casual attitude for the next few days. This will lead to a break in the connectivity between topics and result in incomplete preparation.

Work as hard as you can and stretch your time and efforts to the limits of endurance. The more you prepare, the more confident you become. A confident student can always perform better in an examination.

Do not make the mistake of trying anything new in the final few days before the examination. It is too late to gain perfection in a short duration. It will also take away a good amount of time which can be used to revise instead. To be caught between trying to learn something complex afresh and losing time on revising previous topics can be quite vexing for any student.

Along with all the efforts and plans to prepare meticulously for D-day, you should be cautious not to get distracted while preparing. Mobile phones, electronic gadgets, social media and television can take away too much of your time and leave you unsettled to an extent where you struggle to gain concentration.
It is important to take good care of your physical health as well. Sound and sufficient sleep, healthy food in required quantities and adequate exercise contribute to better concentration and preparation for the examination.

Lastly, stay calm and composed. Give your best performance on the day of the NEET examination. Sleep well the day before the exam. Have a light meal on the exam day and drink sufficient quantities of water. Approach the exam confidently. Do not get perturbed on facing some challenging problems in the paper. Rather, just move on with a positive attitude.

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Everything you need to know about cracking NEET

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