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Man In US Bites Off Pet Snake’s Head During Domestic Dispute

The police found the decapitated snake near the front door of the apartment.

Man In US Bites Off Pet Snake's Head During Domestic DisputeFlorida/USA: In an unusual incident, a 32-year-old man in the United States has been arrested for allegedly biting off the head of a pet snake during a domestic dispute. According to Fox News, the incident took place on Monday in Florida. The man, identified as Kevin Justin Mayorga, is accused of sinking his teeth into the snake after getting into an argument with a woman in an apartment complex.

Miami-Dade police officers encountered the decapitated snake after they responded to reports of a couple arguing, the outlets reports. Upon arrival, the officers heard a fight between the man and woman inside the apartment. They instructed people inside to open the door multiple times. However, the police kicked it in when they heard a woman scream and shout for them to “just kick the door in”.

At first, Mr Mayorga blocked officers from entering and briefly held the woman against her will, the police said. Once the cops successfully entered the apartment, the man hid behind a door. An officer even tried to use a taser on Mr Mayorga after he refused orders to come out with his hands up, but was unable to subdue him.

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The 32-year-old even allegedly struck an officer in the face with a handcuff when that officer tried to detain him, the New York Post reported. But the cops were eventually able to arrest Mr Mayorga after placing him in leg restraints.

Once he was handcuffed, the woman reportedly told the officials that Mr Mayorga bit off the head of her pet ball python during an argument. The police found the snake and its severed head near the front door, following which they placed Mr Mayorga in a local jail.

The 32-year-old is now facing charges of animal cruelty with intent to kill, false imprisonment and resisting arrest. As per the Postshe is being held on a $15,000 bond.


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