Altaf Bukhari vows, ‘Won’t allow grabbing an inch of land to outsiders’

Srinagar: Apni Party president Altaf Bukhari on Monday said that he won’t allow the grabbing of an inch of land from Jammu and Kashmir to outsiders.
Addressing a press conference in Srinagar on Monday he said “we will not allow grabbing even an inch of land from here. If any land is evicted from anywhere the first right to live on that is of Kashmiri people”.
He said that an impression is being spread that the people of Jammu and Kashmir will be shunted out and people from outside would be settled here.
Bukhari said “we are part of this country and having all rights under the constitution of this nation”.
He said that “the intentions of Lieutenant Government Manoj Sinha might be good but there should be justice with the poor. I am not saying that the land grabbers should be given free hand…but there should be justice with the poor people”.
He said India is developing presently and people of Jammu and Kashmir cannot be deprived of that.
Apni Party President appealed to Lieutenant Governor to do justice with the people who have their houses and shops on Kahcharai land and people should not feel that the government has come out with a bulldozer to demolish the properties of poor people in villages and towns. He said an impression is being created to disturb the peace in the valley by one way or the other.
He alleged that “the bureaucracy here is trying to be more loyal than the king. I am not saying all are using their powers illegally, but there are some officers who are bullying the people on one or the other pretext”, he alleged.
“I appeal to these officers to desist from doing such acts, ” he said and added these are common people and this is not your job to harass them which is not your right. Don’t try to show themselves more loyal just to get appeasement from the government. This will not be tolerated in any way”, he added.
He said if needed will publicly name those officers for necessary action.
He said “the political system in Jammu and Kashmir has not come to an end although it is in the hands of bureaucrats…but politicians are politicians and when they come out for the public cause nobody can stop them”.
He appealed to the government that the land evicted be issued in favour of the youth of Jammu and Kashmir and first right should be given to those who have no jobs on priority basis. (UNI)

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