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Taliban take on Auto-world of mighty multinationals thru a sturdy car Mada 9

Kabul: Afghanistan’s rulers have unveiled its first indigenously built supercar called Mada 9 to travel through’ rough and dusty. roads of a mountainous terrain. The reports also suggest that the car is not a ready to drive model yet. It is still a prototype developed after over five years of work on the car. The development work of the supercar was carried out by a team of engineers from Kabul’s Afghanistan Technical Vocational Institute (ATVI) and ENTOP.

The developing team has posted videos of the car on social media handles for initial public response. are going viral on the internet. One of the videos on Twitter got over 1.2 million views showing the Mada 9 supercar prototype surrounded by people looking at the car and checking out its design. Some of the people in the video seem like Taliban officials who can be heard appreciating the car.

Though the country is dominated by radical Islamic ideology for centuries, ruled by Mangol-Turkish kings and smaller clans (misls), ruling by smuggled gun power and opium crops grown over large parts of land.  Afghanistan has seen invasions by neighboring Russia, Turkey and US forces during the 20th century, there are some efforts to develop local economy thru’ some educated and widely travelled individuals.  (Story inputs credit- Amulya Raj, MSN)

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