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PM Modi asks youth to follow Swami Vivekanand views on innovation

Hubballi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday appealed to the youth to stick to their innovative ideas even if they are ridiculed and opposed.
“The youth should remember one of the sayings of Swami Vivekananda on innovation. He had said that every work has to pass through three phases – derision, protest and acceptance. And if innovation has to be defined in one line, then it is this,” he said addressing the 26th National Youth Festival here.
For example, PM Modi said that some people (anti-Modi lobby) made fun of various central government decisions on digital payments, Swachch Bharat, Jan Dhan and Covid, but these efforts have made the Indian economy strong.
“When digital payments were started in the country a few years ago. So, some people made fun of it. When the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan started, they said that all this is not going to work in India. The country was opening Jan Dhan accounts in banks for the poor and came up with a scheme. They made fun of it too. At the time of Covid, we used to take our own organic vaccine. That also was ridiculed.
“But now see, today India is the world leader in digital payment. Today Jan Dhan accounts are a big strength of our economy. India’s achievement in the field of vaccines is being discussed in the world,” PM Modi said.
“That’s why if your youth have any new idea, then remember that you may be ridiculed, opposed. But if you believe in your idea, then stick to it. Keep trusting it. Your success will prove to be bigger than the pranksters. Think about it,” he said further.
Modi said at present India is the fifth largest economy in the world and the target is to become top 3 economies of the world. “This economic growth of the country will bring in innumerable opportunities for our youth,” he said.
“To be young is to be dynamic in our efforts. To be young is to be panoramic from our perspective. To be young is to be pragmatic,” he added.
PM Modi said this is a historic time, when optimism and opportunity are coming together. “From toys to tourism, defence to digital, India is making headlines across the world. So, this is a historic time when optimism and opportunity are coming together,” he said.
He said India’s Nari Shakti has strengthened the nation. “India women of today are flying fighter jets …,” he said.
PM Modi said this century is India’s and its youth’s century. “Global surveys are saying the majority of big investors want to invest in India, and these investors want to invest in you in India’s youth,” he said.
He said this is a special time in history and youth are from a special generation with a special mission of making an impact for India on the global scene. “The runway is ready for your take-off and today there is great optimism in the world toward India and its youth,” he said.
Modi said Yuva Shakti is the driving force in India’s journey and in the next 25 years is important for building the nation. “Yuva Shakti’s dreams and aspirations will decide India’s destination,” he said.
Talking of brave men of Hubballi-Dharwad region. Modi said Lance Naik Hanumanthappa Koppad proved his mettle in -55 degrees and came out alive defeating death. “This ability isn’t limited only to courage but this is the same land that gave us Visvesvaraya one of the greatest engineers,” he stated.
He said this pious land of Karnataka had given many great personalities too. “Rani Chennama, Sangolli Rayanna were amongst one the first freedom fighters who fought Britisher’s tooth and nail,” he said. (UNI)

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