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Anand Pandit’s heart-felt ode to icons of Hindi literature

New Delhi: Producer Anand Pandit who is looking forward to the release of his big budget Marathi horror comedy ‘Victoria’ this year and is thrilled to be co-producing his first Kannada multistarrer ‘Kabzaa’ has one resolution for 2023– to catch up on his reading.
He says, “I grew up at a time when electronic devices had not taken over our lives and there was time and space to read and absorb books at leisure. I still remember with great nostalgia, stories and novels by Dharamveer Bharti, Phanishwar Nath Renu, Munshi Premchand and Bhisham Sahni that were a part of my formative years. I hope to revisit them again and maybe film a few of them as they still mirror the social realities of our time.”

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