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S Korean police resume investigation of opposition leader’s son

 Seoul: The South Korean police resumed investigation into Lee Dong-ho, the eldest son of opposition leader Lee Jae-myung, accused of sex trafficking on the request of the prosecutor’s office, despite the allegations being dropped earlier, the country’s Yonhap news agency reported on Tuesday.
Last year, Suwon police conducted a 10-month-long investigation into 31-year-old Lee Dong-ho, who was accused of gambling and paying for sex in early 2019 – late 2021. In October, the police sent the case to the prosecutor’s office dropping charges of buying sex due to lack of evidence. The same police department has now resumed the investigation requested by the prosecution.
The initial accusations were made in 2021, when Lee Jae-myung was running for president as a candidate of the Democratic Party, which he is leading now. Then, he acknowledged the fact of his son’s gambling and apologized for such behavior.
The older Lee himself is being investigated on suspicion of taking a bribe. The prosecution believes that during his terms as mayor of Seongnam from 2010-2018, the city government attracted 17 billion won ($13.7 million) in corporate donations to its municipal football club in exchange for administrative services. The IT giant Naver and the Doosan Engineering & Construction company were alleged donors.
Lee denies all accusations and states that funds were not donated, but paid for advertising, which allowed to decrease taxes for local residents.
Earlier in the day, the opposition leader came to the prosecutor’s office for questioning stating that “this is a fabricated and targeted investigation aimed at removing the political enemy.” This was Lee’s fourth visit to the prosecutor’s office in connection with various investigations. (UNI/SPUTNIK)

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