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Motto for Today: The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.’

As each day is a new beginning in one's life, it brings new opportunities, opens new avenues, to perform and make a mark, to write a Page in History Books


This is Your Day-TODAY: Take a Determined Step Forward and Make History!

On this day, Dec. 25……….

1 – Earliest possible date that Christmas was celebrated on Dec 25th was in 337. 1st definite date Christmas was celebrated on Dec 25th was in 352.

597 – England adopted the Julian calendar. In the year 46 BC, Julius Caesar reformed the Roman calendar, changing the number of days in the months to achieve a 365-day year. To keep the seasons aligned with the Julian calendar, Caesar added a leap day in every four years to make a 366-day leap year.

1741 – The Centigrade temperature scale was devised by astronomer Anders Celsius. Celsius divided the fixed-point range of the Fahrenheit scale (the freezing and boiling temperatures of water) into 100 equal divisions, but curiously set the freezing point at 100 and the boiling point at 0. This reverse scaling was changed to match the sense of the other temperature scales after Celsius’s death.

1809 – The first U.S. ovariotomy (the surgical removal of an ovarian tumour) was performed by Dr. Ephraim McDowell.”

1960 – Dr Irving Cooper received a Christmas gift that inspired his invention of the first cryosurgery device (to freeze tissue). From this he developed a technique of brain surgery in which he used liquid nitrogen flowing in a thin tube first to deaden, and then freeze, tremor-causing brain cells or tumours. The invention created a new field of surgery with applications for other areas of the body as well.

1979 – USSR invades Afghanistan.

1989 – Japanese scientist achieved -271.8 degrees C, coldest temp ever recorded.

1999 – An Indian Airlines aircraft with 187 passengers on board was hijacked on way from Kathmandu to New Delhi. It landed near Abu Dhabi after several hops.

2000 – A. B. Vajpayee, Indian Prime Minister, launches a Rs. 60,000 crore ‘Gram Sadak Yojana’ for linking all villages and the “Antyodaya Anna Scheme” for providing cheap foodgrains.

2014 – Sony Pictures releases its comedy ‘The Interview’ in over 300 theatres and through online channels; the film depicts an attempted assassination of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un and was initially cancelled due to threats and hacking attacks.


1642 – Sir Issac Newton, English physicist and mathematician who made seminal discoveries in several areas of science, and was the leading scientist of his era.

1861 – Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviya, Indian founder of Banaras Hindu University.

1876 – Mohamad Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan.

1919 – Naushad Ali, Indian music director.

1924 – Atal Krishna Behari Bajpayee, former Prime Minister of India.

1927 – Begum Para, actor.

1963 – Raju Srivastava, comedian.

1974   Nagma [Nandita Arvind Morarji], actor.


1994 – Giani Zail Singh, president of India.


1932- During King George V’s Christmas dinner speech his chair collapses.

You may have known….

Everything weighs one percent less at the equator.
 {Compiled by Lt. Gen. (R) Raj Kadyan}

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