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Gyanvapi case: After withdrawing from litigation, petitioner seeks permission for euthanasia

The ‘main petitioner’ was not in favour of consolidating all the seven Gyanvapi related pleas.

LUCKNOW: Four days after the announcement of withdrawal from the Gyanvapi- Kashi Vishwanath temple litigation, one of the petitioners has written to the President of India seeking euthanasia.

Vishwa Vedic Sanathan Sangh chief Jitender Singh Vishen, on Saturday, announced that he and his family members were withdrawing from all cases related to the Gyanvapi mosque complex in Varanasi, citing “lack of resources” and alleged “harassment” from various quarters.

Vishen had been the “main pleader” on behalf of his niece Rakhi Singh, one of the five Hindu women plaintiffs in the August 2021 case.

The plea sought permission for daily worship of deities, including Shringar Gauri, located on the outer wall of the Gyanvapi mosque complex that abuts the Kashi Vishwanath temple.

“I and my family (wife Kiran Singh and niece Rakhi Singh) are withdrawing from all Gyanvapi-related cases that we had filed in the interest of the country and religion in various courts,” he had said in a statement on Saturday.

The announcement by Vishen on Saturday came days after fresh fissures among the Hindu petitioners of the Gyanvapi cases after the Varanasi district court’s order on May 23 pertaining to consolidating all the seven related suits.

Vishen was not in favour of the consolidation of all seven cases.

In the letter released on Tuesday, Vishen’s niece Rakhi Singh urged the President of India to pave the way for her to get rid of immense mental pain and agony by granting her permission for euthanasia so that she could attain ultimate peace by sleeping eternally.

In the letter, Rakhi Singh also said that she would wait for the President’s reply till June 9 and if no response was received by then, she would take her own decision.

In her letter, Rakhi Singh also claimed that the other four co-petitioners including Sita Sahu, Laxmi Devi, Manju Vyas, Rekha Pathak, and their lawyer Hari Shankar Jain and his son Vishnu Jain, had defamed her, her uncle Jitendra Singh Vishen and his wife Kiran Singh by levelling “false allegations,” and projecting her as a traitor in the eyes of the Hindu community.


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