Maruti Suzuki India’s growth is 33 pc current FY 2022-23

Hyderabad: Maruti Suzuki India Limited Senior Executive Officer, Marketing & Sales Shashank Srivastava on Friday said that the company growth was 33 per cent during the current financial year 2022-23 (FYH1)
Speaking to the newsmen on the occasion of launching 3,500th new car sales outlet at Begumpet, here, Srivastava said that the sales of industry passenger vehicles were 22.75 lakhs (from April to October end) against 16.48 lakh during the same period last year by registering 38 per cent growth, whereas Maruth Suzuki ‘s sales were 9.57 lakhs as against 7.18 lakhs during the same period last year by registering 33 per cent growth. The company’s overall market share was under 42 per cent, he said.
Srivastava stated that the industry market was very good and hopped to achieve

the sale of passenger vehicles to 38 lakhs by the end of the current financial year 2022-23, whereas Maruti Suzuki’s sales has crossed one million marks during the last week of November and hopped to achieve 1.6 million sales by the end of current financial year 2022-23.
In the SVU vehicles segment, he said, the industry market share was 42 per cent during the current financial year (from April to October end) against 40 per cent during the same period last year, whereas Maruti Suzuki’s market share was 14.5 per cent during the same period. Maruti Suzuki’s non- SUV market share was 65 per cent, the Company Executive said.
“The company is making every effort to increase its market share in the SVU segment to 50 per cent. As part of it very recently, the company launched Brizza. It is the highest selling vehicle in the country”, Srivastava said and added that two more vehicles will be launched in the SVU segment in the current financial year itself.
He said, in the mid SVU segment, there is no vehicle. It would fill Grand Vitara. About 18,000 vehicles out of 85,000 bookings have been delivered so far. The waiting time is 5.5 months. The Overall pending bookings were 4.6 lakhs.
Stating that hybrid model vehicles are fuel and cost efficient, Srivastava said the company would launch its first Electric Vehicle in the financial year 2024-25.
Speaking on car sales outlets, Srivastava said that the company has crossed the milestone of 3,500 new car sales outlets across 2,250 cities in India. The company was planning to launch 150 to 2000 new car sales outlets every year, he added.
Maruti Suzuki India Executive Officer, Marketing & Sales Nobutaka Suzuki also spoke on the occasion. (UNI)

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