Giving lessons of Hinduism to Gaddar MLAs is a joke: Danve

Aurangabad: Maharashtra Legislative Council opposition leader Ambadas Danve on Wednesday criticized BJP’s training in Hindutva lessons that it is ridiculous that the BJP would teach the lessons of Hindutva ideas of Hindu leaders Balasaheb Thackeray and Veer Savarkar to separatist traitors (Gaddar) MLAs.

He said that the Shiv Sena chief gave the direction of Hindutva not to Maharashtra but to the country.
Late Thackeray taught to live with dignity as a Hindu in the country, to vote as a Hindu.
Danve further said that it is unfortunate that Betrayed MLAs to take lessons of Hinduism from BJP when they got much Hinduism from late Thackeray.
Those who betrayed Balasaheb Thackeray’s party, cheated Balasaheb’s son Uddhav Thackeray and brought him down from power. In a way, these traitorous MLAs are going to salute Balasaheb not with their mind but with their body.
Danve criticized that 40 MLAs are doing the work of covering up their sins by using the name of Balasaheb, added Danve. (UNI}

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