Mamata: Those who don’t like Bengal are conspiring and trying to malign the State

Kolkata: West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Monday said those who don’t like Bengal are conspiring and trying to malign the State.
” They keep looking for ways how to malign Trinamool Congress. When I was the Railways  Minister, they would point out the slightest of errors. Why aren’t we seeing any such news today? ” she asked.
” Is it not an anti-Bengal act to engage in shameful attempts of maligning the state? You
live and eat in Bengal but ask Delhi to block our funds. We will snatch our rights from
them and they cannot take away from us what we deserve, ” Banerjee said.
” If someone makes any errors during mistakes, they should be rectified. We need to
rectify our errors. If someone has done any mistake, it should be fixed. Law must
follow its own course. But there are some people who don’t like Bengal and they
engage in constant slander, ” the Chief Minister stated.
Extending heartfelt wishes and blessings to the students on Children’s Day, she said, ”
When our students couldn’t go to school during the Covid-19 Pandemic, I decided to provide them with smartphones so that they could gain access to education through the online mode. ”
” We have provided devices to 17 lakh students. Today, when our students return home, they will see that Rs 10,000 has been deposited in the bank accounts of 10 lakh students.
” The bank accounts that our students have will be put to use in accessing various welfare social welfare initiatives such as Kanyashree, Aikyashree, Shikshashree,
Swami Vivekananda merit-cum-means scholarship and the Student Credit Card scheme, ” Banerjee added.
” We have distributed around 1.25 crore cycles to school-going children for free. We are preparing the same again and will distribute it once the cycles are ready. ”
” You saw what happened to the students who went to study in Ukraine. There are a lot of opportunities to study here in Bengal. We have institutes such as Jadavpur University, Calcutta University, Presidency University, and St. Xavier’s College. These are all top-ranking institutes among Indian universities and colleges, ” she added.
” Since 1947, we had only 12 universities in Bengal. Since we came to power in 2011, we have started 30 universities and 14 medical colleges. Six medical colleges will start adding 600 medical seats across Bengal, at Jalpaiguri, Jhargram, and Diamond
Harbour, among others, ” she informed.
” We have started 51 colleges, 272 Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs), 176 polytechnical institutes, and over 7,000 new schools. Around 2,900 Madhyamik schools have been upgraded to Higher Secondary schools. Over 2 lakh classrooms and as many as 381 Santhali-medium schools have also been inaugurated. ”
” Over 4,000 schools are currently functional in various Indian languages, including
English, Hindi, Urdu, Nepali, Odia, and Telugu. More than 80 lakh girls have availed the benefits of the Kanyashree Prakalpa, including those studying in government schools and universities, 1.25 crore students have received Sabooj Sathi cycles, 3.07 lakh students received Aikyashree scholarships, 1.1 crore received benefits of Shikshashree, 15 lakh students received benefits of Swami Vivekananda scholarship. ”
” Around 36,000 students received benefits of Student Credit Card that allows them to get up to Rs 10 lakh as a loan. ”
” Those who aspire to become IAS and IPS officers can receive guidance for free at 26
branches of our training institute. We have also set up skill training institutes.  primary education is the best in the country, ” Banerjee said.
Conveying her gratitude to the teachers, parents, and their families, she said, ” Today, the children have lit up our stage with their presence. They are the future of our country. ”
Asking the students to use their smartphones to search the entire world and this will help them expand their knowledge base, she stated, ” Cross-check everything. Don’t rely on one source. Make sure it is not ‘FakeTube’. Rely on the ones that give facts. “

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