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Railway services restored on Crimean Bridge by Russian Govt.

3 persons were dead in truck blast on the Bridge earlier in the day

Taman: Russia has resumed railway service on the Crimean Bridge and all scheduled trains will be able to cross it, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Marat Khusnullin said.
“As for the railroad, I can say that traffic is fully restored. We will let through all trains that were scheduled, both passenger and freight. We have the technical capabilities to do this,” Khusnullin noted.
The senior official added that trucks would have to use ferries to cross the Kerch Strait in the next 24 hours.
“Trucks will go by ferries in the next 24 hours,” the senior official said.
Earlier in the day, Russia’s National Antiterrorism Committee (NAC) said that a truck was blown up on the Crimean Bridge, which caused seven fuel tanks of a freight train to catch fire and two car spans to partially collapse. (UNI/SPUTNIK)

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