Frech Prez. Macron warns of ‘crisis of liberal democracies’

He praises Modi's remarks at SCO meeting held at Samarkand recently

Washington: Liberal democracies across the world are undergoing a “big crisis,” French President Emmanuel Macron told CNN on Thursday.
“I think we have [a] big crisis of democracies, of what I would call liberal democracies. Let’s be clear about that. Why? First, because being open societies and being open and very cooperative democracies put pressure on your people. It could destabilize them,” Macron said in an interview.
Such countries “have to articulate the respect of people’s willingness, middle class references, and all the progress made by our democracies welcoming different cultures, being open and cooperative,” the French president explained.
“This is a matter of balance,” he stressed.
Macron acknowledged that the West faces increasing pressure on societies in recent years. “We are at the point where, in our different countries, there is what I would call a crisis of the middle classes,” he said. (UNI/SPUTNIK) 

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