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Motto for Today: ‘Essence of life is turning your wounds into wisdom.’

As each day is a new beginning in one's life, it brings new opportunities, opens new avenues, to perform and make a mark, to write a Page in history Book!

This is Your Day-TODAY: Take a Determined Step Forward and Make History!

On this day, Sept. 17…….

1844 – The first U.S. patent was issued for a printing press with different colours of ink applied in one impression. The inventor, Thomas F. Adams of Philadelphia, called it “polychrome printing.”

1872- The Mont Cenis Tunnel in the Alps initiated; the world’s first important mountain tunnel. It was 8 miles long, double any previous tunnel’s length.

1872 – The first U.S. patent for an automatic sprinkler system was issued to Phillip W. Pratt.

1901 – The first U.S. patents for a mercury vapour lamp were issued to inventor Peter Cooper Hewitt of New York City.

1908 – The first U.S. airplane fatality was Thomas Etholen Selfridge at Fort Meyer, Arlington Heights, Virginia. He was a passenger with Orville Wright while demonstrating to the army the Wright Flier airplane when the machine fell 75-ft and crashed into the ground. Wright had installed new, longer, but not flight-tested propellers only the day before. One of the propellers had struck one of the wings’ vibrating guy wires and disintegrated.

1931 – Very early versions of 33 rpm long-playing records were first demonstrated at the Savoy Plaza Hotel in New York by Radio Corporation of America or RCA. The record players were so expensive that the product flopped. (The first plastic LP records as we know them, did not come out until 1948, when RCA rival, Columbia, began mass production of the LP).

1948 – The Nizam of Hyderabad, in a broadcast, announced ceasefire to his troops and accession into Indian Union, which was settled earlier to the announcement.

1949 – DMK was founded.

1953 – At the Ochsner Foundation Hospital in New Orleans, Louisiana, Carolyn Anne and Catherine Anne Mouton were the first Siamese twins to be successfully separated by surgery. They were connected at the waist when born in July 1953. (Siamese twins develop from a single fertilised ovum that has divided imperfectly).

1956 – Oil and Natural Gas Commission (ONGC) established.

1960 – Agreement reached with Pakistan on the distribution of the River Indus and its tributaries. (The Indus Waters Treaty is a water-distribution treaty between India and Pakistan, brokered by the World Bank {then the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development}. The treaty was signed in Karachi on September 19, 1960 by Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru and President of Pakistan Ayub Khan. According to this agreement, control over the three “eastern” rivers — the Ravi, Beas and Sutlej — was given to India and the three “western” rivers — the Indus, Jhelum and Chenab — to Pakistan).

2004 – Tamil is declared the first classical language in India.

2014 – President Xi Jinping of China began a visit to India to discuss strengthening economic relations and potentially resolving disputes regarding segments of the border between the two nations.

2019 – Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg tells US Congress “I know you are trying but just not hard enough. Sorry.”

2021 – France recalls its ambassadors to the US and Australia, describing their new Aukus pact and the cancellation of a major military contract as a ‘stab in the back’.


1879 – Periyar E. V. Ramasamy, Social Reformer.

1915 – MF Hussain, painter.

1929 – Air Chief Marshal La Fontaine, former Indian Air Chief.

1950 – Narendra Modi, 15th Prime Minister of India, born in Vadnagar, Gujarat.

1985 – Ravichandran Ashwin, cricketer.

1999 – Hasrat Jaipuri, poet. (His ‘Jiya Beqarar Hai Chhayi Bahaar Hai’ from Raj Kapoor’s Barsaat remains ever green).
You may have known….

Religious Symbols: The Indian traditions and scriptures contain signs and symbols which have various meanings. For example, the usage of the Swastika, in the Indian context, does not point towards Adolf Hitler or Nazism. It actually is the symbol of Lord Ganesha, the remover of obstacles. The arms of the Swastika have various meanings. They signify the four Vedas, the four constellations, or the four basic aims of human pursuit.

Good morning. Have a nice day.

 {Compiled by Lt. Col. (R) Raj Kadyan}

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