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India moving forward with Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan, Jai Vigyan as well as Jai Anusandhan

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday asked people to celebrate the achievements of Indian scientists, saying the country has not done so as compared to the Western world.
Lauding the role of Indian scientists in developing the Corona vaccine, he said that the scientists are giving ample reasons to the country to celebrate. The Prime Minister underlined the difference between the East and West as we don’t give due recognition to the work of scientists.
“We have not celebrated our scientists as much as compared to the Western world. When we celebrate the achievements of our scientists, science becomes part of our society, it becomes part of the culture,” he said.
The Prime Minister was addressing a gathering after inaugurating the ‘Centre-State Science Conclave’ in Ahmedabad via video conferencing.
Modi said that it was essential that every state prepares a modern policy on science, innovation and technology and implements it.
“As governments, we should cooperate and collaborate with our scientists as much as possible. This will create an atmosphere of scientific modernity in the country.”
He said the government was moving forward with the mantra of science-based development. India could produce 200 crore Covid vaccines due to collective efforts of its scientists.
The Prime Minister emphasized that science was the basis of solutions, evolution and innovation, and it was with this inspiration that today’s new India is moving forward with Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan, Jai Vigyan as well as Jai Anusandhan.
“Since 2014, there has been a substantial increase in investment in the field of science and technology. Due to the efforts of the government, today India is ranked 46th in the Global Innovation Index, whereas in 2015, India was at number 81.”
He acknowledged the record number of patents being registered in the country. He also noted the climate of innovation and a vibrant startup ecosystem.
The Prime Minister listed new sectors and missions in the field of research and innovation to support the innovative spirit of the youth.
He stressed that states should take full advantage of the ability and expertise of many national-level scientific institutes and national laboratories.
“We also have to take our science-related institutions out of the state of silos for optimum utilization of scientific institutions and expertise.
The two-day conclave being organized at Science City, Ahmedabad, is aimed at strengthening Centre-State coordination and collaboration mechanisms to build a robust science, technology and innovation ecosystem across the country. (UNI)

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