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Dharamshala: Russian, Ukrainian youth tie their knot, get registered at City Temple

Dharamshala: Amid the ongoing military conflict between Russia and Ukraine, Sergei Novikov, a Russian settled in Israel, married his girlfriend Elona Bramoka from Ukraine last month at Divya Ashram Kharota near Dharamshala in Himachal Pradesh according to the traditions of Sanatan Dharma but today the couple got their marriage registered in the SDM office at Dharamshala.
Sergei Novikov and Elona Bramoka were in a relationship for the past two years and despite the fierce war between Russia and Ukraine, the couple decided to solemnize their marriage for which they selected Dharamshala.
Pandit Sandeep Sharma of Divya Ashram Kharota said that Sergei and Elona were staying at Dharamkot near Dharamshala for the past one year.
“Our Pandit Raman Sharma solemnized their marriage and told them about the importance of marriage as per the traditions of the Sanatan Dharma,” he said.
Vinod Sharma and his family performed the marriage rituals, including the ‘kanyadan’ of Elona.
Today Vinod Sharma their mentor was accompanying the couple to SDM office here where SDM Dharamshala Shilpi Beakta registered their marriage.
Hinting towards at the undergoing war between Russia and Ukraine Elona Bramoka said that people should love each other there should be no war. She said that people should be friendly with each other and no war, no hatred and no animosity among the but love, love and love only.
She said that it was a marriage in presence and with the blessings of Shiva Vishnu and others and she was happy with the marriage as per Sanatan Dharma.
Sergei Novikov was also happy for getting married here under Hindu Culture with the blessing of God.
Shilpi Beakta SDM Dharamshala confirmed that their marriage has been registered and such 40 marriages have been done by the foreigners here.
Even the foreign tourists staying in Dharamkot performed and enjoyed all the marriage rituals when they were married last month.
Sergei and Elona were happy today and thanked the people of this hill town for participating in their marriage.
Even the foreign tourists staying in Dharamkot performed and enjoyed all the marriage rituals.
Sergei and Elona said that they took keen interest in the hymns being recited by Pandit Raman Sharma who with the help of a translator made the couple understand the meaning of every “mantra” being recited by him on the day of their marriage. (UNI)

(pics credits– Latestly and TOI)

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