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Anand Kumar: ‘Essence of education is to create ladders for others’

New Delhi: Super 30 founder Anand Kumar on Sunday said that the real essence of education should be to create ladders for others to use for transforming life and achieving success.
‘This is how generations are built. Equal opportunities in education are the essence of education to make an egalitarian world. This also increased the talent pool to add pace to progress and prosperity,” he said.
Anand was speaking on the impact of ‘Super 30’ film, his journey as a teacher and how good teachers could make a difference at a webinar organized on the topic “Virtual interactive session on passionate teachers making transformation”, organized by The Learners’ Confluence.
The participants included experts from Europe Union, The Netherlands and Belgium.
Anand said every student, irrespective of his or her financial status or background, should get equal opportunity to excel.
“Being a teacher is a great privilege and all the teachers should try to ensure at their level that all the students from the underprivileged sections get the opportunity they deserve, because the passion to excel is quite high in them,” he added.
He said a lot could change to make the world a better place by creating more opportunities, spending more on quality education and teachers and above all, making teaching the most sought-after profession to draw the best of talents. “Teachers can make generations and ensure real development, which the infrastructure of palatial buildings cannot do,” he added.
He said education in India is state funded, there is a growing need to reduce the gap between state funded and private education.
“We should not have two kinds of education to cater to two different sections. Education should be of uniform quality. The underprivileged sections need hand holding to come up. It is because of the state funding that students from the poorest sections are also able to crack IIT and Civil Services exams, else they might get lost,” he added. (UNI)

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