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MLAs should study procedures followed in assembly: HP Governor

Panaji: The real work of an MLA is to legislate and make good laws and therefore they need to study the procedures followed in the Assembly, Himachal Pradesh Governor Rajendra Arlekar said on Monday.
”When an MLA is in the House, all eyes are on his or her performance in the Assembly,” he said while speaking at a program in the city.
Emphasizing the need to train MLAs on the procedures and practices of the House, Arlekar said, ”Whenever we recruit candidates for any work, we always ask them for their experience and qualification, however, no one asks an MLA if he has the required training in the procedures and conduct to be followed in the Assembly. MLAs also require training.’
“If the Assembly is the temple of democracy, we have to treat it so and behave accordingly,” the former Goa Assembly Speaker said.
He said MLAs should not waste time of the Assembly, should acquaint themselves with the subject of discussion well and all should get an opportunity to speak in the House.
Chief Minister Pramod Sawant underscored the importance of the existence of committees of Assembly formed, which he said can become mediums of constructive work.
Goa Assembly Speaker Ramesh Tawadkar said many MLAs are elected because of their contribution to society in various fields but doing such field work and working in the Assembly were two different things.
“Once a person is elected, there are a lot of expectations on the MLA from people and it is to give voice to these people that it’s important that MLAs familiarize themselves with working of the House,’ he said. (UNI)

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