Army Public School in Secunderabad introduces ‘No Bag Day’ for primary students

Hyderabad: Army Public School R K Puram, Secunderabad introduced ‘No Bag Day’ concept for the students of primary wing from classes I to V on Saturday in collaboration with Sri Aurobindo Society Puducherry.
The initiative of ‘No Bag Day’ was the vision of Principal, Ms. K Damaris and Head Mistress Mrs. Pooja Singh. It aimed at implementing the changes under the New Education Policy (NEP 2020) treading along the path and teachings of Sri Aurobindo.
The main focus was to motivate the students with a wide array of hands-on activities that provided a fun breakthrough from the routine. There was a lot of happiness and excitement in the school atmosphere, as the students had stress-free time and learned concepts in a fun-filled way.
The students were given many fun-loving activities which were systematically planned and graded according to their age and class.
Classes I to V had thumb painting, paper mask making, Fun with English activities like art of storytelling using finger puppets, dramatizing Panchatantra characters, puppet making, 2D/3D model making using geometrical shapes, ‘Hasya Kavita Sammelan.
The students were groomed to incorporate life skills through activities like hemming, straight stitching and fixing a button. Motion and movement with rhythm was introduced as happiness therapy.
These activities not only enhance the speaking and listening skills which are important for socializing and entertainment, motor skills to increase hand-eye coordination, logical and critical thinking but also helped building the 21st century skills like Collaboration, Cross cultural awareness, compassion, creativity, productivity and confidence which decreased anxiety allowing learners to study in an enjoyable atmosphere, a statement here said on Sunday. (UNI)

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