23 migrants killed in stampede to enter Spanish Enclave

Madrid: The number of migrants who have died trying to cross into the Spanish enclave of Melilla in North Africa has gone up to 23, The New York Times reports citing Moroccan officials.
Earlier, a source in the local government of the Moroccan city of Nador told Sputnik that 18 migrants died during the attempted mass crossing from Morocco into Melilla. The New York Times said on Saturday citing Moroccan authorities that at least 23 migrants had died, while 76 others, as well as 140 Moroccan security officers, had been injured.
On Friday morning, around 2,000 migrants gathered at the Moroccan-Spanish border in Melilla. The migrants were reportedly armed with sticks and hooks, which they used against security officers. According to Spanish media reports, four security officers and 45 migrants died in the border clashes on Friday. A total of 133 migrants have managed to enter Melilla, according to Spanish authorities. (UNI/SPUTNIK)

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