Delhi shocker: Goods vehicles barred from entering Delhi from Oct 1 till March 2023

New Delhi: Delhi Government on Thursday announced to ban the entry of medium and heavy goods vehicles in the national capital from October onwards till February next year.
The move is said to be taken as a measure to reduce the acute pollution crisis Delhi faces during the winter season.
According to the officials, the large, medium and small goods vehicle entry will not be allowed to ply in the national capital from October 1, 2022, till February 28, 2023.
“Only the vehicles carrying the essential goods will be allowed in the capital,” they informed.
CNG and electric-run vehicles will also be allowed to enter Delhi’s border, the officials informed further.
Entry will also be allowed to trucks carrying essential goods such as vegetables, fruits, grains, eggs, ice, milk and other food items; and tankers with petroleum products.
However, the move has come as a surprise since the ban is imposed every year but remains effective for only 15-20 days.
“The ban has been planned to put before the pollution in the city increases, as the ban at a time when the pollution reaches its peak won’t serve the purpose,” a senior official said citing the reason behind the decision.
Official estimates suggest 80,000-90000 goods vehicles trucks enter the national capital every day. (UNI)

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