‘I am sure 90% of the protestors don’t even know the details of Agnipath Recruitment Scheme or what they are protesting against ‘ !

Jaipur: ‘Those who do not learn   from history are doomed to repeat it’. Defence Forces are a ‘force of deterrence’ and a price that a nation state pays for unhindered peaceful growth and prosperity of its citizens. The expenditure on defence should never be considered as extravagance. Those who do not agree, can have a look at Ukraine war. Citizens of Ukraine are subjected to devastation, misery and humiliation, though being a developed nation with luxurious lifestyle. This happened because they did not pay attention to defence preparedness and thought someone else would do that for them. Those who feel ‘Security of the Nation’ is costly, can buy Defeat.

Our Raksha Mantri Rajnath Singh, flanked by the three Service Chiefs, addressed a press conference on 14 June 2022, introducing ‘Agneepath’ concept for entry into Armed Forces.    Agneepath is   about a 04 years tenure with defence forces, as soldier/ air warrior/ sea warrior.   More than 46000 Agniveers will be inducted to armed forces this year. Only 25% of these, if found suitable will be absorbed, permanently.  The youth and defence aspirants have expressed their anguish by riots, protests and disruptions. Sensing an opportunity to create chaos, they are well supported by opposition parties. I am sure 90% of the protestors don’t even know the details of Agnipath recruitment scheme or what they are protesting against. Situation is akin to the ‘Kisan Andolan’.


  • Soldiering is a serious profession and short term Agniveers will destroy the core competencies of the Army and make the nation’s   combat readiness weaker.
  • Defence forces have always maintained exact selection criteria. By Agnipath entry,  we are   agreeing to dilute our standards of intake and  training. In Army career, the first 03 years are very crucial for having a strong foundation. Absence of long-term competence and skill enhancement will not be good.

  • My other fear  is that as the scheme  become old, dull and lackluster,  demand for more and more privileges and concessions like options for permanent service/ extensions/ ex-servicemen status/ECHS/ CSD facilities will be raised.
  •  The Agniveers will also be looking at   these four years for  enhancement of his qualifications, getting awards for   trophy display sake  and focusing on post defence career options. Soldiering will certainly  take a back seat.
  • A large number of physically fit and weapon trained ex Agniveers will be available in the society. Not finding a suitable vocation after Defence tenure, they will be tempted to join terrorists, naxals, dacoits and other anti-national elements.


  • Optimizing Defence Budget. Approx 40% of the defence pension budget goes to civilian defence employees which are   about 22% compared to approx. 78% military pensioners. It’s interesting to know that there are 5.85 lakh civilian-defence employees, who are paid from defence budget.    Need for  civilian support in the ratio of 1:4 needs introspection.    Additionally, Rs 1000 crore annually goes on attached MoF.
  • Induction into CAPF thru Defence. The simplest method of optimizing defence expenditure is to have   induction into CAPF and PMF via defence forces, after a tenure of 04 years. After 04 years, 75% of  Agniveers , who do not make it to permanent cadre in defence should be absorbed directly into CAPF and state police forces. The duplicity of training by Defence and CAPF will be avoided, reducing the training cost.  This will resolves all the likely challenges of Agniveers.

DON’T EXPERIMENT WITH DEFENCE: In war, there are no runners up. Either you are a winner or you are not there. For that moment of reckoning, we select the best man and machine for war fighting. It’s the man behind the machine that matters the most.   They lead from the front setting personal examples of bravery, courage, perseverance and competence. Professionalism, Leadership, camaraderie, regimentation and battle experience are developed over a period of time.  In Agnipath, , these battle winning   factors will certainly be compromised. Such experiments tinkering with established norms of Defence Forces are better avoided.

CONCLUSION: Expenditure on defence should be taken as insurance on growth and prosperity or a premium to be paid for unhindered growth.  In the Army, we are preparing hardcore,  battle-worthy and  time-tested soldiers, where no compromise is made with the   safety and security of the Nation.  Four years, with truncated training will be too short a time to mould them into passionate fearless soldiers, ready for combat against trained terrorists and battle-worthy enemy soldiers. Adventures to experiment with the DNA of the Armed Forces and its operational readiness, in the name of ‘economy of resources’ should be best avoided.

From the desk of –

Maj Gen C P Singh, (Retd.)

Maj, Gen. CP Singh is a scholar soldier accredited with MA, MSc, LLB, MBA, M Phil (Def Mgt) and M Phil (International Strategic Affairs). 

Widely travelled in India and Abroad, the General Officer is an avid reader and   prolific writer.

Post retirement, he is a Social Activist, Career Consultant and a Motivational Speaker of repute.

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(Editor’s Note: Opinions expressed by the author are valued, as insider views with vast experience and possible  

solutions to doubting opponents, though these may not reflect news portal’s considered opinions.)

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