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Frenchman breaks bungee jumping record

Paris: France’s Francois-Marie Dibon has set a new world record for the most number of bungee jumps in 24-hours.Dibon made 765 jumps in Pitlochry, Perthshire, easily beating the previous record set by New Zealander Mike Heard in 2017, who completed 430 jumps. Beginning his feat on Tuesday morning, Dibon surpassed the previous world record after just 12 hours of jumping, and after a 50-minute rest he continued to jump throughout the night before concluding on Wednesday morning, the report said. Each jump was from a height of 40-metres, and was overseen by Highland Fling Bungee based in Killiecrankie, Pitlochry, Scotland. Joanne Brent, the Guinness World Records judge who verified the record, said Dibon’s effort was “inspiring”.
“I feel great, I feel very happy. I feel grateful for the team who have been surrounding me for the past 24 hours, who have brought me their energy that’s kept me going until the end,” Dibon was quoted as saying by the Guardian. (UNI)
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