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Poland, Baltic states want more US troops in Europe

Washington: The governments of Poland and the three Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania would like to see a larger number of US troops stationed in Europe but the Biden administration has no plans to increase the current figure of 48,000, Secretary of the US Army Christine Wormuth said.Baltic states regions map
“The Baltic states and Poland want more US troops permanently deployed in Europe,” Wormuth told an Atlantic Council podcast on Tuesday.
However, Wormuth said the United States sees “the same number of Army troops (currently 48,000) staying in Europe over several months – in rotational heel to toe deployments.”
Wormuth held out the possibility that President Joe Biden might authorize the deployment of larger numbers of troops to the European theater after the Ukraine conflict was finally resolved.
“I do think there will be more troops on the ground when we are on the other side of this [conflict],” she said.
The number of US troops deployed in Europe at any one time is going to be discussed at the next NATO summit that is scheduled to be held in Madrid on June 29-30, Wormuth added.

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