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Children of age 15-18 to get VAX; healthcare, frontline workers to get booster

PM Modi announces new schedule from Jan 03

India will soon have world’s first nasal vaccine against Covid, and first DNA vaccine as well

New Delhi, Jan 25 (UNI) Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday asked citizens to remain vigilant against Covid but not to panic, as he announced starting of vaccination for children between 15 to 18, and booster doses for healthcare and frontline workers.

In an address to the nation late on Saturday night, Prime Minister Modi talked about India’s preparedness in the war against Covid, and announced that vaccination would now be provided to 15 – 18 years age group starting from January 3. Precaution or booster doses of vaccine will start from January 10, 2022, for healthcare and frontline workers, and also for those above 60 years of age, with comorbidities on recommendation of a doctor.

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Children of age 15-18 to get VAX; healthcare, frontline workers to get booster

Asking citizens to remain vigilant and not to panic, the Prime Minister said Covid cases have been rising across the world after emergence of the new Omicron variant. He added that as the virus mutates, the fight against Covid is also getting stronger.
The Prime Minister said that the global experience of fighting the pandemic has told that following all guidelines is the biggest weapons in the fight against Corona. Second weapon is vaccination, he said.

“I urge everyone not to panic. Be careful, stay alert, use mask, and clean your hands at short intervals,” the Prime Minister said.
“Today as the virus is mutating, our capability and confidence to deal with the challenges is also multiplying.”
Amid rising concerns over new variant Omicron, PM Modi said India has 18 Lakh isolation beds, 5 lakh oxygen supported beds, 1,40,000 ICU beds, while 90,000 beds are specially for children. He said there are over 3,000 PSA oxygen plants, over 4 lakh oxygen cylinders have been given, and states are also

being helped in creating buffer stock of medicines and being provided sufficient number of testing kits.
“The experience of fight with Covid so far tells that at a personal level, following protocols is the weapon to fight Corona. The second weapon is vaccine,” Modi said.
The PM said understanding the seriousness of Covid-19, India started working on mission mode quiet early.
“Along with research on vaccine, we also worked on approval processes, supply chain, distribution, training, IT support system, and certification processes… It was because of the preparedness, India started giving vaccines to its citizens since January 16 this year. It is the collective effort and willpower of the citizens, that India has crossed the ambitious and unprecedented goal of administering 141 Crore vaccine dose,” he said.
He said over 61 per cent adults have received both doses of vaccine so far, while around 90% adults have received at least one dose of vaccine.
Making the much awaited announcement about vaccination for children and beginning of giving booster doses, the Prime Minister said, “Vaccination will now start for children between age 15 and 18 years. It will start from January 3, 2022”
“This decision will strengthen the fight against Covid and address the concerns of parents,” he said.
He also said government has decided to start ‘precaution dose’ of Covid vaccine for healthcare and frontline workers from January 10, 2022. Option of precaution dose of vaccine will be made available to those above 60 years, with comorbidities, on recommendation of doctors from January 10 as well.
The Prime Minister also emphasized that India’s fight against Corona has, from the very beginning, has been based on scientific principles, scientific consultation and scientific method. He said vaccine campaign has brought relief and normalcy in the everyday lives of the countrymen. Economic activities have been encouraging compared to many countries of the world. However, the Prime Minister cautioned that Corona has not gone and alertness is of paramount importance.
PM Modi also cautioned against the efforts to spread rumours, confusion and fear. He appealed to citizens strengthen and speed up the world’s biggest vaccination campaign in the coming days.
The announcement for the Prime Minister’s address to the nation was made around 9.30 pm by the Prime Minister’s Office in a tweet. PM Modi greeted citizens on Christmas and for New Year, and stressed that all precautions should be practiced.
Home Minister Amit Shah meanwhile welcomed the announcements, and called for vigilance, precautions and vaccination to deal with the Covid 19 pandemic.
The address to the nation by the Prime Minister comes two days after he chaired a meeting with top officials over Covid situation and preparedness.

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