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Rahul: Amethi taught me politics

Amethi, 18: With the slogan of ‘Bhajapa Bhagao, Mehengai Hatao,’ former Congress president Rahul Gandhi and National General Secretary of the party Priyanka Gandhi Vadra took out a Pratigya Pad Yatra (pledge foot march) from Jagdishpur to Haarimau here on Saturday.

Addressing a public rally at Haarimau, where Priyanka appealed to the people to root out Bharatiya Janata Party in UP, Rahul said that people of Amethi have taught him politics, which he can never forget.

The Congress leader said that he has family relations with Amethi and people should understand the truth. He said that today, there is a conflict between a Hindu, treading on the path of truth and Hindutvavadis, who advocate hatred and violence. The country will walk with Mahatma Gandhi and not with Hindutvadi Nathuram Godse, he added.
Recalling her visit to Amethi as a child, Priyanka said this was not a political connection, but a relationship of emotions, which will never end.

Referring to Rahul’s defeat in 2019 general elections from Amethi, she said, “I have no complaints with you (people). There are situations, how much one tries, but truth remains hidden. Such a situation arose. We have learnt a lesson, you also learn it. You gave a message and we accepted it. If we are standing here today because whatever the situation is, the relationship between us should not break.”

Without taking names, Priyanka said that in the last election, a web of lies was created here. This was spread by those who are spreading lie in the country from the past seven-and-a-half years.

Attacking the BJP government, she said that they were unable to give fertiliser. There were queues outside the government centers.
“What is happening in the name of cow shelters, cows are being buried in UP. Today, farmers are not getting price of their produce, there is paucity of urea, problem of stray cattle in there, is anyone coming from the government’s side. Today a gas cylinder costs Rs 1,000, edible oil is being sold at Rs 200. Is such a stone-hearted government required,” she questioned.

Rahul said that these days, a lot of discussion is being done on Hindu religion.
“I want to ask you all, who is a Hindu. Is Hindu a liar? Hindu means a person, who treads on the path of truth throughout his life, a person, who does not bow his head before fear, one who does not let his fear to turn into violence, hatred and anger, we call them Hindus. Look at Mahatma Gandhi, he is the perfect example,” he added.

He said Mahatma Gandhi wrote a book, My Experiments with Truth. It is due to this truth, people call him Mahatma. On one hand, there was Hindutvadi Nathuram Godse. Nobody calls him Mahatma, because he shot three bullets in the chest of a truth speaking Hindu. Because Nathuram Godse was a coward and weak person, who could not face his fears. He turned his fear into anger and hatred and shot a truth-speaking person, added Rahul.

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