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Islamic scholars seek protection for Shia mosques in wake of Kunduz bombing

Kabul, Oct 12 (UNI) In the wake of a deadly attack on a Shia mosque in Kunduz on Friday which killed over 100 people and left 150 others injured, Islamic scholars have sought protection from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan for Shia places of worship citing security concerns for the community, especially at religious gatherings.

“We ask the Islamic Emirate to ensure the security of holy places and do not deceive the people. People are tired. We only want them to ensure our security… We just want this,” said Imam Razawi, a religious scholar, Tolo News reported.

Several residents of Kunduz called the suicide bombing on Friday a tragedy which brought suffering to a great many families. “This is so painful to be martyred at the time of praying,” Sayed Abbas, a Kunduz resident, said.

Officials of Kunduz in northern Afghanistan have said that security forces are doing what they can to ensure the safety of the residents and prevent any such attacks in the future.

“We condemn the attack on Shia people in Khan Abad area in Kunduz, and we feel sorry for the grief of our compatriots. Efforts are underway to arrest the perpetrators of the attack,” said Najibullah Haroon, head of the security department of Kunduz.

Religious scholars of Kunduz have said that the explosion left 120 dead and 160 injured.
The Islamic State-Khorasan claimed responsibility for the suicide bombing.

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