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DDoS attacks on Russia’s E-voting system generated from US, Germany, Ukraine

 Moscow, Sep 17 (UNI/Sputnik) DDoS attacks on Russia’s online voting system that were registered on Friday, the first day of the parliamentary elections, were carried out from US, German and Ukrainian IP addresses, all of them were successfully repelled, the Russian Ministry of Communications said.
Two DDoS attacks were registered this morning, the ministry said. The first attack was registered at 10:36 Moscow time (07:36 GMT), it was targeted against remote voting services, while the second attack, registered at 10:45, was aimed at “blocking access to services of the identification and authentication system used for authorization on the public services portal.”
During the first attack, “more that 50% of mass requests to services were generated from IP addresses registered in the US, and more than 25% from German IP addresses,” while during the second attack, “more than 50% of requests were made from US IP addresses, 25% from Germany and about 5% from Ukraine,” according to the ministry.
“These were planned and coordinated attacks, which confirms the intention to purposefully interfere with normal operation of services and an attempt to block the operation of e-voting services,” the Russian Ministry of Communications concluded.

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